Well, you can be hot. And you can be smokin’ hot! But don’t be a volcanic fashion disaster!

I know there are days when you wish for that Lady Gaga-isque vibe, but then darling, let’s not forget, we may not be Lady Gaga material. And then again, maybe some of us are! So whether it’s under or over play, you decide your game. But while you’re at it, keep in mind these top five catastrophes to avoid as you navigate the fashion minefield.

Know the difference between sassy and slutty.

Ladies, believe-you- me there is a huge huge difference between the two and when in doubt, go for the safe option. It’s awesome to experiment with your look but clothes which are three inches too tight will only result in unsightly bulges, regardless of your body type. Be extra cautious when trying those sexy plunging necklines. And for heaven’s sake remember- you cannot sit the same way in a short dress as you would in a pair of your old jeans (and if you cannot be bothered about the way you sit, stick to a better fitted pair of jeans, ditch the dress altogether. )

Don’t wear clothes that make you fidget uncomfortably.

I’m all for style (obviously) but don’t go for dresses which are five inches above your knee if you aren’t comfortable. The dress is pretty much as good as the wearer. If you don’t carry it with confidence, it’s going to look awful. It’s much easier to wear Indian outfits with their relatively loose fits. So if you’re just starting to experiment with bold western dresses, take it a bit slow. Tube dresses can make you look amazing, provided you have those killer vital stats and the poise to carry them well. Otherwise, a safer starting point is a well sculpted dress that ends just below your knees.

Makeup is supposed to make YOU look good.

Again, when it comes to how much war paint you can carry off well, you need to bear in mind the occasion as well as your own personality. Loud and cakey make up can make you look more like a character from Ram Lila than Kate Moss (horror!!) If you’re not sure about how to apply and what to mix, go by the rule -less is more. Badly applied and ghastly camouflage is far worse than a clean glow. This is especially true for official events. (Your friends may be more forgiving, no so your bitchy waiting-for-you-to trip colleagues!)

Choose footwear on which you can actually walk, not what looks good on the ramp.

Okay, so by now all of you know that I have a thing for those amazing gravity defying stilettoes. Having said that, there is nothing worse than being caught in a pair of torturous heels when you have work to be done (whether in office or at a personal event). Not everyone is used to walking seven inches above the ground balanced at a precarious angle. So don’t try this style unless you are sure you can carry it well. Your gait is what defines you. If the footwear is killing your posture (and your mind), go for something that works better for you. Even kitten heels or wedges can look pretty awesome.

Double check that innerwear. Make sure it stays inside.

This is something sadly neglected by many. The right type and fit of innerwear is critical to get the best out of our outfits. To be avoided at all cost- badly fitted brassieres and visible panty lines. Make sure your innerwear changes appropriately with low cut tops and super fitted dresses.

Stay Elegant, Stay Stylish !


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