An ode to Black.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. On a particularly brainless day when you have NO time to think ..whats that one thing that works, no matter what the occasion. Yes, my darlings, you got it right – The little black dress, the ultimate saviour of all , whether fashion challenged or not, this one trick can transform anyone into a chic sophisticated version of ones erstwhile frumpy self.


For office

Team a well cut fitted black dress with a monochrome jacket, sheer self print stockings (you get some amazing ones these days) and a pair of classic black pumps. For summer, replace the jacket with an elegant checkered knotted scarf . Throw on a double string of creamy pearls and matching ear studs – Voila! Elegance personified!


For an evening out at with the girls

To up the quotient on your office black dress, get rid of the jacket and stockings, change the black pumps into more dramatic footwear and exchange the pearls for a funky metallic neckpiece.

Or step out in style in one of the hottest trends this season, floral embroidered highlights on a classic silhouette.


Special Events

For more dramatic occassions, go for an elegant floor length evening gown and make 'em all swoon : )


For weekend partying and brunches

Transform your office black dress by adding on a wide belt (also helps to cover those highly inconvenient love handles and muffin top if used for camouflage appropriately) either in black & gold or contrasting neon colour. Slip on a matching pair of stylish wedges or heels. Avoid overkill by ditching the neckpiece.

This season, try a sensuous yet elegant evening look with a one shoulder black dress designed to give you a fashionable twist without being over the top.

And now, get ready to rake in those compliments!


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