My apologies if that sounds contradictory and terribly confusing, but what I mean is – you don’t need to invest copious amounts of time on following, and hard earned money on buying, the latest fad. What you really need to establish your identity as a style icon is exactly that – ‘style’, not necessarily embodying the ‘it’ fashion trend of the moment. It can be extremely exhausting to try and trend watch 24 X 7 when you have a full time job managing all the other less pleasant but inescapable things in life like your boss and work.

So psst psst, just as we promised, here are top five tricks to make this work:

Define your own style quotient that is ‘uniquely you’

Whether this means adding punch with statement accessories that shout out, or classy understated elegance with nude and black basics combined with subtle accessories like pearls- you need to decide what’s YOU. Discover  your true signature style which you can carry with oodles of confidence rather than trying to be Kate Perry if you’re really more Adele.

Do yourself and the world a favour -Know your bod and what works on it

If your legs aren’t that hot, for pete’s sake do NOT ape the hot pants trend, forty five degrees or not! You can look equally stunning in a well fitted floor length chiffon maxi dress that shows off your curves the right way!

Carry yourself like a rockstar, and believe me, you’ll become one !

Get that spine straight and believe that you ARE a diva and the world will follow! The most drool worthy stars are not necessarily conventionally good looking, it’s their special aura which makes them stand out.

Invest time on keeping that bod fit

There’s nothing that can make your outfits look better than a fit and healthy bod, regardless of the exact number of inches on that waist. A great plus is that your body language gets that extra super sexy edge! All that exercise makes you automatically carry yourself like Beyoncé!

Ace your typical looks

Unless your life is like Lady Gaga’s there are pretty much standard occasions that you need to rise to.

So have a basic set of outfits for office which includes classy neutrals that can be combined smartly for a new look everyday (well, almost !)

And so forth a set of casual and formal party combos for your weekends and after office socialising (if your blood sucking boss leaves you with any time, that is).

One sign off tip- never go to buy something when you need to wear it for an occasion the next day. You can be assured you’ll never find the right thing. Instead, grab a good thing when you see it on your random shopping sprees (knocks off the stress of buying the wrong thing at the wrong price under pressure).

P.S. This however does not translate to mean that you are now licensed to go on aforesaid random sprees every weekend to keep that stress under check!

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